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Top Features of our Photobooths

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

You may know a photobooth can take great pictures lol but did you know it can also create Gif's?? What's a gif, pronounced as "jiff?" According to the dictionary it's a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. Otherwise a continuous looping effect which makes yours photos come alive and even look like a video.

Typically, a gif is a short 2-10 second clip which continuously plays. Check out our Gif below for a visual of an actual Gif. The great thing about gifs, is that they bring your pictures to life usually in a funny manner.

Features of a Photobooth
Features of a Photobooth

The other great feature our photobooths have is the ability to digitally and instantly deliver your photos to your phone via text message, email, or facebook and instagram.

Features of a Photobooth
Features of a Photobooth

No days guests want their photos in digital format almost more than the physical copy itself. What's a better way than having your guests share their moments from your event? With our hashtag printers we can even print all the hash tagged photos from your event event though they were not taken by our photo booth. Yes, we can capture and print what other guest have captured for your special memories book.

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