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What you should know when renting a photobooth

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Photo booth’s important information you need to know. Not all the photo booths work the same. We’ve seen some pretty low end photo booths in our lifetime. All technology eventually gets replaced by new technology on average every 3 years technology will double in speed, memory, and design capacity.


The Best Wedding Photobooths have these 3 in common:

Camera: Some photo booth operators call themselves a photo booth company but in reality have an iPad taking pictures. Not to mention, the iPad does not have high-quality photo features compared to a 24 megapixel, wide lens camera. If the iPad photo booth operator is using an iPad more than likely they are using a sub par printer that does not print clear high quality photos for your guests. If you are looking for the perfect shot, you need a high-quality camera. Photo booth companies should be operating with at least a 20-megapixel camera to capture true high quality photos.

Lighting: is most important for high-quality pictures. For example, if you have a great camera and printer but have poor lighting equipment, your images will not be clear. Your guests will not be happy. Our photo booths have been in the poorest lighting conditions at pitch black (10 p.m.) location outside. Thanks to the great lighting equipment our photo booths have we able to capture awesome photos without any noticeable difference. As a result, we know that good equipment saves the day. With great lighting, you can create nice photos.

Printing is such an important thing to photo booths. If the photo booth operator has a poor and a slow printer it will leave your guests impatient and again unimpressed with your overall event. Our printers provide high quality prints. Fast prints that actually cut the photo strips for us in under 8 seconds per printout. The magic is in the dye printing technology that can only be obtained by our commercial printers.

You should be aware of printers and ask when considering photo booths for your next event.  These big three are important. Additionally, consider the style of photo booth. Enclosed photo booths fit 4 guests per picture. Our open-air photo booths can fit over 20 guests in one shot. Our photo booths are ideal for a large or small group. Remember to ask about the big three; Camera, Lighting, and Printing. Now connect your photos to social media and share with the world how your event went!

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