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Open Air VS Enclosed Photo Booths

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Are you having an event soon, and would like to have a photo booth? Are you wondering if you should rent an open air or an enclosed photo booth? No worries, we have you covered. Here's what you need to know. The two are not the same thing, with a few notable differences explained below.

Open Air Photobooth

This photo booth has a camera mounted inside with a flash ring giving you the optimal setting for taking great photos. On this kind of photobooth, the photo strips come out from a printer that is located within the photobooth for a more streamlined modern look. The backdrop is "open air", therefore the “open-air photo booth,” which allows a large group of people to have a picture together is ideal for Weddings, and family events. Fun fact: This style of photobooth also has the ability to send the photos directly to your phone, facebook, or email as digital copies instantly.

Enclosed Photobooths

This kind of photobooth uses the same basic principles as the open-air photobooth except the enclosed photobooth needs a “tent-like” unit where the camera, flash, diffuser, and printer are set up inside of the "enclosed area". It is important to mention that some companies offer an inflatable enclosed area instead of tents but are still highly limited on space in regards to the amount of guest they can fit. Fun fact: It offers privacy. People can pose as crazy as they want, and nobody would look at them. Not so fun fact: Most enclosed photobooth feature space for two people at a time. Consequently, in some way limits guests’ enjoyment and creativity. In addition, it takes up an enormous amount of space in comparison. In conclusion, renting an open-air or enclosed photobooth depends on the amount of space you have available at the venue and what you envision as fas a privacy vs no privacy.


A Large group of guests fitting with our Open Air Photo Booth.

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